The essence of Italy while being in Copenhagen?

Look no further. Just book a table at pizzeria-restaurant La Vecchia Signora, order a pizza or a plate of one of the many delicacies from the menu, and you will soon feel as though you are dining in a charming side street in Naples, on the seafront along the Costa Smeralda, or in the hills of Tuscany.


Chef and owner, Achille Melis, brought to Copenhagen all of the secret ingredients unique to his famous pizzas and savory Italian dishes.


Achilles also brought his wood oven to Denmark. Because he knew that one of the secrets to a great pizza is its crust. The wood oven provides the best fire to bake it properly. This wood oven along with the finest ingredients and spices make La Vecchia Signora's pizzas among the best and easiest to digest in the world.


Experts also recognized the quality: La Vecchia Signora has been honored by the prestigious Gambero Rosso guide among the few "Best pizzeria in Copenhagen" in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, an award that is in addition to the one won in 2014 with the "Q" brand and the certification of “Italian Hospitality Restaurants in World”.

The pride of Achille Melis the past 20 years, has been to ensure the guests excellent dishes in the best Italian regional tradition, and at the same time satisfying the refined tastes of his Danish guests and visitors. 


Achille, in addition to La Vecchia Signora, is also the proud chef and owner of the prestigious Ristorante San Giorgio. Ristorante San Giorgio is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Copenhagen.


The select wine list proposed by Achille allows an olfactory and tasting journey to the Italian hills. They complete the experience of a memorable lunch or dinner at the tables of La Vecchia Signora or Ristorante San Giorgio.


The owners, Olimpia Grussu and Achille Melis, are among the best Italian chefs in Denmark since 1980.


Both La Vecchia Signora, established in 1996, and Ristorante San Giorgio, located in Rosenborggade 7, and established in 1985, offer sophisticated Italian gastronomy with the flavors and aromas of local and national cuisine.

Ristorante San Giorgio

Rosenborggade 7, 1130 København K

+45 33126120

La Vecchia Signora

Grønnegade 12/14

1107 København K

+45 33 16 00 48

Restauranten forbliver lukket indtil yderligere instruktioner fra sundhedsmyndighederne om begrænsninger for Covid 19.


The restaurant remains closed until further instructions from health authorities on restrictions for Covid 19.


Il ristorante rimane chiuso fino a ulteriori istruzioni da parte delle autorità sanitarie sulle restrizioni per Covid 19.